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Ikom Town Zip Codes In Cross Rivers State Nigeria

Ikom Town Area Zip Codes Area: Udama Ubug Streets Zip Codes Adie Agiopu Rd. 562251 Ogoja Rd. 562251 Port Harcourt Rd. 562251 Udama Ubug St. 562251 Area: Ukamusha Streets Zip Codes Afrike St. 550281 Calabar St. 550281 Ikafor St. 550281 Ikaptan St. 550281 Ikom St. 550281 Ishaduton St. 550281 Iwong Murphy St. 550281 Kaduna St….

Calabar Zip Codes In Cross Rivers State Nigeria

Calabar Zip Codes can also be referred to as Calabar postal codes or postcode. Below is the full list of Calabar Zip Codes in Cross Ruvers┬áState Nigeria. Calabar Zip Codes(Calabar Town) Area: Ikorinim Streets Zip Codes Amphibious Training School 540281 Calabar Sports Club 540281 Ekorinim Rd. 540281 Government Primary School 540281 House of Assembly Staff…